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In Drawing, Painting and Collage


Would you like to relax after a busy day and enjoy some

well-deserved "me" time with other women?

Would you like to learn to express yourself artistically,

or build on your current ability?

Joan Berg Victor's drawing and painting classes are open to all skill levels.

Each student works at their own pace; receiving hands-on, personal instruction from Joan Berg Victor, who has been teaching her adult drawing and painting classes to students of all levels of experience  for more than two decades. Many of Joan's students return year after year as they grow as artists, and for the fun, relaxing atmosphere of the Studio.


Joan Berg Victor's art classes are a wonderful opportunity to express yourself creatively, learn artistic technique, and take a break from our usual hectic lives. 

Classes are usually no more than six students, in an informal Salon-style setting in Joan Berg Victor's Upper East Side Studio. The small class size allows for a fun, relaxing atmosphere, and plenty of hands-on instruction and interaction between students as they learn to draw by learning how to see. As Joan has repeated to hundreds of students: "It is very simple, once you learn how to see how things exist in space, it is simple and fun to put it down on paper!"


Each class is 2 hours and the registration fee for the 8 class package is $490. Classes are available afternoons and evenings.


Joan Berg Victor, a graduate of Newcomb College and recipient of an Master of Fine Arts with Honors from Yale University, is a classically trained artist whose work has been exhibited in dozens of one-woman shows during her celebrated career. Among the many accolades she has received, Mrs. Victor is a recipient of the Creative Women in America Award presented at the White House.

Mrs. Victor, born and raised in Chicago, and a long time resident of New York City, has a powerful empathetic relationship with nature which is evident in much of her work. It is this harmony with her environment, as well as her exceptional talent and ability to engage the viewer, that makes her work so evocative and differentiates it from the work of other artists.

And for so many fans, there is also familiarity with the forty-four books for adults and children that she has written and illustrated, as well as the portraits and drawings she has created for such notable publications as The New York Times, Fortune Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, and The Wall Street Journal.

Please contact us for more information and to speak to Joan about your personal goals in taking her class.


"I never imagined that I would be able to

consider myself an artist and

because of Joan's classes,

that is how I see myself. - Laura B.

"Joan's class is the best part of my week." - Sandi K.

"I look forward for this 'me' time all week

where I can just relax and be creative

and take care of me and I love it!" - Diana C.

Interested in our classes?
Use the form below to get more information, and to add a brief description of your goals. Please also feel free to contact us at 917.371.2751.

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One of our students' work

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One of our students' work

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